Truth Talks

Truth Talks Bible studies originated from a desire to deepen relationships and teach biblical truth between our monthly camps. Through several iterations and growth, we now hold these weekly talks with boys and girls groups in the area. Truth Talks allows for a deeper teaching and discussion experience. The volunteers who pour into this are tireless in their work, and we're proud to see long-term relationships showing the fruit of salvation, maturing, and growth in these youth.We're so blessed and excited by the work the Lord is doing through this facet of the ministry.

Mentoring Program

A founding verse for TCF is Titus 2:6-8 “…encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may have nothing bad to say about us.”
This passage covers some key points regarding Mentorship:

  • Be encouraging
  • Foster awareness of the destruction caused by lack of self-control
  • Consider your own ways, that they are good, and that they are more watched by your mentee than you know
  • Be a teacher
  • Be honest, children are highly attuned to dishonesty
  • Listen, be sincere and respectful of the moments at hand and the impact they may have
  • Consider your words carefully, watch your mouth at all times!
  • Be fully aware of the principalities of darkness against us  
  • We must be perfectly beyond reproach

Everything we do at Three Circles could be considered mentoring. Every mentor-mentee relationship is different and moves at its own pace and for differing amounts of time. We take serious precautions to be beyond reproach and provide accountability in these wonderful relationships.

There are several types of mentoring, but here are the types and phases of mentoring in which we engage specifically:

Experiential Monthly Group Mentoring
Our dedicated group of adult volunteers mentor a group of youth from broken homes each month at our monthly day camps. This is done by engaging in Footwashings (community service projects), Bible teaching and Bible storytelling, Practical life skill teaching and adventures!   

Weekly Group Mentoring
One or two adult volunteers hosts an event at the Open Door Children’s Home. They may host a Bible study or a movie night or go out for ice cream or to the park. The group is provided a ride to attend Sunday services at a local church.

One on One Mentoring
Phase 1- Role Model Mentoring
A camper and a volunteer mutually choose to go beyond our monthly camps in a one on one weekly mentoring relationship. Three Circles staff, the volunteer, the camper’s family and the camper are all involved. This is a mentorship aimed at providing a Christian role model, stability, support, consistency and accountability for the youth. We also desire to show the youth that their community needs them and is depending on their creativity, talents and energy to thrive.
Role Model mentoring has three basic reasons for originating:
1. Preventive - There is no crisis at hand, and we hope to keep it that way. Things are cooking just fine.
2. Interventive - There is a crisis at hand, but serious legal implications have not accrued at this point. We hope to take the boiling pot back to a nice simmer.
3. Post-Crisis - The youth has been incarcerated, admitted into a behavioral facility or removed from the home for some other reason. The pot has boiled over, and there is a mess.

Phase 2- Life Skills Mentoring
The youth begins a more formal and intentional process of learning practical life skills. We have partnered with First Step to Freedom who has developed a series of modules to follow. These may include driving safety, applying to college, budgeting, etc.   

Phase 3- Discipleship
The youth has given their life to Jesus Christ and intentionally learns how to walk in the Faith.