Who Are You?

Jeremy Collins

The theme for June's camp was “Identity.” During our two talks of the day we
asked the boys “Who are you?” The Bible teaches that we must decide whether we will ground
our identity in temporary creations like money, family and religion OR in an eternal creator,
Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:13-25). Each of us has measured our value by worldly standards. This is
sinful and ultimately leads to destruction. God deeply desires for each of us to have our identity
restored in Him and He has done all that He can to offer this opportunity (1 Timothy 2:1-6).
However, each person must decide for themselves.

Ironically, camp did not go as planned on many fronts and Three Circles was faced with
an identity crisis of its own. Transportation logistical problems, a skeleton crew of volunteers,
difficulty at our footwashing projects and a last-minute fall-through of our afternoon High
Ropes Course plans led us as a ministry to ask “Who are we?” It seemed to be an unfolding
disaster. Instead, by God’s grace, I was reminded once again of what Three Circles is all about.
Thorough planning is a huge part of what makes camp happen each month. Thankfully,
though, it is not what holds us together. When the plans fell through, I looked around and saw
no gloomy or frustrated faces. The boys were simply content to be with people who loved
them. I saw new campers making friends, impromptu fun, old friendships being strengthened,
teenage boys from broken homes receiving biblical teaching and adult volunteers investing in
youth. Identity crisis averted! The interruptions of the day and how we handled them as a
group pointed to our true identity. Three Circles is simply a part of the Body of Jesus Christ.

MINISTRY UPDATE: We see several exciting opportunities on the horizon!

  • I am stepping down from my career as a veterinarian to pursue a call to full-time ministry. Whether it is sharing the vision of TCF, biblical teaching or preaching, I love it all! I would be humbled by the opportunity to visit your church, youth/small group, club or civic group in these capacities! Give me a call!
  • We are also beginning some very strategic partnerships with other ministries in an attempt to more lovingly and thoroughly address the wide spectrum of brokenness in our community. Look for more information on this down the road.
  • Is it in your heart to start a satellite of Three Circles or similar ministry in your area? Contact us! I would love to hear what God has placed in your heart!

I extend sincere and humble gratitude to those of you who support the work God is
doing through Three Circles. You are investing in the future of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!